Monday, July 18, 2011

best trades:

only watched half the market but the market was deep red and TZOO, CHKP, AAPL were up strong... so these were the ones to trade for a squeeze and indeed -- they all jumped into the close,  SINA too.

With TZOO, and CHKP --- vol. was particularly strong -- there was little risk here ... and lots of upside despite entering extended conditions.

 IWM was down big and had a feeble bounce. 

  main ideas:  1. You can't control what you'll make.  You can control how much you'll lose.   

2.  Trend trading must focus on strongest stocks always -- regardless of your feelings on value.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


was attempting to fade the market after 3 bump set up in TZA emerged -- kept a wide stop and took bigger than normal loss.

attempted TZA again end of day --- stopped again.

Almost took SODA on breakout -- was the leading IBD name... but chickened out..  ran 2 pts. in a hour after I saw it move. 

Will need to be willing to go with strength... keep the stop tight... it'll work or it won't.  But contrarian fading is no good intraday.    failure...