Tuesday, December 8, 2009

slow play

a few winners emerged like YUII and NEP

I have correctly charted a pullback -- indicated by the dollar breaking its downward trend.  Still, many China microcaps continue pushing forward.  Value stocks almost always win in the end.

 Not trading is the hard thing.  Most traders seem to always want to play something to kill the boredom.  I have started a position in ENDP which is tanking based on valuation.  It received several downgrades but I think the long term outweighs the short term problems.

Still, I notice all my 'original ideas' are doing pretty badly and all the China picks from the people I follow tend to do much better.   But right now the market is consolidating so very few ideas are working.

Taking it easy... being patient.  Keeping the size small.  Waiting for clear patterns to emerge is working.

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