Monday, January 30, 2012


PTEN:  stopped out ---  small loss

reenter PTEN -- small gain -- but was good for .30  - sold too early

HES: enter on pattern - was good for .30  - sold too early

ATPG:  weakness -- bot it at lows and still could have gotten a dime -- closed weak.  So the only one that should have been dumped early.

also traded NBR which was showing strength and caught a nice .80 move in managed account -- finished at the sell price... best trade -- focus on what was strong.

/zb  -- great entry with less than 2 ticks heat -- would have been great for 10 ticks -- sold out too early.

sold/held YHOO (loser - finished at lows...)

overall -- should have been a very decent day.  But it wasn't.  Have to accept uncertainty.  Selling winners is just too expensive a habit.

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