Monday, August 13, 2007


I bought this today around 12.50.

Where are we technically? CYPB is testing the 20 day MA around 12.37 (I bought more under 12.30).

This is a biotech co. that incredibly, is slated to earn, yes earn, over 60 cents next year and trades near 20x earnings...

The stock had doubled in a day a few months back and has been retracing ever since.

It appears to me a bottom was put in and now the stock is testing this new uptrend.

I have a stop around 11.65 which would mean a complete failure of what I think is a new uptrend.

Lately I have been making very small purchases -- but enough to allow me to gain more experience without going bankrupt.

CYPB is kind of an off-radar trade for me so I know it isn't crowded.

Stocks that smallcappers love recently include AEY, NGA, CRNT -- these are what I consider crowded -- well distributed and thus, prone to failures. If everyone owns it -- who's left to push it up?

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