Wednesday, August 8, 2007

stick to your guns...

the best stock I bought this year was CRNT at 5.95 -- it sank to 5.20 at one point...

I couldn't believe it. Well -- in the end I sold too early -- but it hit 18 today.

Stick to your guns.

The minute you start trusting someone else -- you are gone.

If you do real homework -- and not just following some 'system' or half-cocked idea -- you will be rewarded.

All the screwing that takes place is the result of people losing conviction, following the crowd, getting fearful -- and hoping for too much.

Focus on the trade, not the money. If you buy a stock you believe in and it fails after a year or so -- then at least you did what you thought was right. But if you're trading because you think someone else thinks it's the right move -- then you'll have no conviction and you're at the mercy of strangers.

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