Friday, March 2, 2012


33 / 99 day MA -- shows flow

volume:  shows power and trend shift

patterns -- trendline touches  indicate consolidation in direction of move

ENTER:  after top formation (triple top, double top), AFTER  formation of 3 bump/consolidation

33 under 99 MA -- ideally:  enter on first retest.  (unless volume is enormous, in which case there will likely be no retest)

RESISTANCE/SUPPORT areas:  most tops/bottoms are on  even #s or  .50 line. 

time of day / time of month:   opex days can chop around early.

Market Signals:  What other markets are doing?   Strong? Weak?  Same direction yields best results.

nutshell:  identify flow.  Enter as the direction consolidates.  Buy/sell  into support / resistance areas.  WAIT for the right entries. 

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