Monday, March 26, 2012

using MAs

moving avg. lines show you order flow -- so  you should be going WITH the lines.

 The Market Signals tell you  Market Strength.

 Today should have been all long, all day... and I was trying to short.

 This is not just wrong, it's a complete failure to understand what futures trading is all about...

 strong stocks are strong --    Monday, end of month with Bernanke QEIII talk -- there's not even a shade of weakness. 

  Must be one kind of trader and not another.   Flow trader goes with flow.  Either follow the signals or do not trade.

  Making it too hard today with all kinds of thinking.  Thinking is ruining the trading process.

 Observation and acceptance will outperform every day.

You know what's strong.  Buy it.  You know what's weak -- don't buy it.

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