Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stay Connected

So I just read this Imagine: How Creativity Works.  It's a very good book.  Similar in many ways to The Tipping Point which has been a best-seller for years.  It's well written and covers a variety of topics all equally fascinating.  I'm not trying to sell the book.  Get it from your local library for free like I did.

I'm mentioning it because there is one concept that connects to successful companies and people -- they tend to be well-connected.  After reading this book, I realized just how powerful and important Twitter is -- particularly for stock traders.  Staying connected to a constant stream of ideas, and focusing your stream to display the top traders, is only going to improve your own learning curve.  Trading is mostly a lonely endeavor.

So the key idea I would recommend to all traders is -- always be enhancing and refining your network.  Whether you use Twitter or belong to a chat room -- these connections will only serve to improve your results.

If you aren't already part of the human network of Twitter, you could always follow me -- and then follow some of the people I follow.  I am always looking for new traders to follow and occasionally dropping someone when I realize their tweets add no value.  But definitely cultivate your online network -- I believe now, that is vastly more important than most traders realize.

Imagine: How Creativity Works

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