Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Market Signals: My Indicators

How do you know when the market is going to Trend Up all day? 

I'm sure most traders maintain a watchlist of leader names like I do.  If I see this list is strong -- names like AAPL, AMZN, PCLN, PKT and whatever else has a super strong chart... then the markets are probably going to do well.  I also watch a list of ETFs like:  iwm, spy, xlf, xhb, iyt, ewg, ewp, ewi, tlt, vxx, uso, and a few others to gauge strength. 

Recently, though, I've found the current set up below additionally has provided more 'to-the-minute' look at internals.  Today was clear pretty early we were going to have a rampaging trend up day.  $uvol-dvol$ essentially went straight up all day.  advn-decn ratio was +1000 all day,  /zb was red all day... and the risk-on market, /tf, was super strong. 

If anyone has other indicators they believe helps them see the market internals well, please leave a comment below.

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