Monday, June 25, 2012

Pivot Entry: All Things Bounce /cl

trend down day market -- but also a gap down.  /cl starts weak and moves toward extreme lows.  Market has not accepted oil under 79 fully.  

So, checking recent support levels -- /cl bounced at 78.08 on Friday.  As /cl approaches this level -- a high volume candle prints -- breaking 78.08 but the candle closes at the top -- this level is rejected.

One could attempt a preliminary long here with stops at the very low -- it would have worked. 

Less than an hour later, the main long signals begin to line up -- as the 99 day MA starts to curve up from the bottom and the moving avgs. fan out bullishly.   An entry long here, 78.40ish with a  10 tick stop would also have worked -- and provided 100 tick upside.  This entry was more in line with my general strategy to go with the flow.

More and more I'm finding  /cl is tougher to trade but definitely provides more volatility than /tf.

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