Friday, January 21, 2011

new trades:

added GCI  -- on strength - bounce off 50 day MA, value -- stop will limit losses well

added MLNK and AGYS - old favorites on big dips -- may take lots of heat
LGF and YHOO -- down badly holding value names (rejected buyouts)
added TNDM - strong 20 day MA hold - wider stop
added GRS - at 50 day MA weak (tight stop)
most confidence in: TNDM, GCI 

edit: sold GRS for loss.  Holding others.  GCI and TNDM finished the best.  PLNR which I'm holding also finished well.  In fact, I think I should add to PLNR immediately.     MLNK and AGYS are the  absolute worst (technically) and I'm thinking I should take the loss and rebuy later.  LGF also finished terribly on strong volume.  Fundamentally I love them all but fundamentals rarely helps with technical trading.  They all have problems and the Street does not like these last three.  And there's no catalysts to turn them around.  So stick to what's strong and that's PLNR and possibly TNDM going forward.

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