Friday, January 21, 2011

a real post:

from the Yahoo! MLNK board:

During the tek bubble about ten years ago.
(couldn't get out at the time)
As this turd evolved into its present MLNK many promisses were made when a reverse stock split was pumped to where we are know.
Its taken a long time to get to this point with this and other investments.
I will use the sale of this LOOSER to cancel out my other gains this year.

FYI-The sale of this LOOSER will represent a loss of ~150K. Lesson Learned ! 

Imagine holding onto a stock for a $150,000 loss. And the thing is: This happens all the time. This is a natural instinct -- avoid pain by not selling and "taking the loss".  This investor has been taking the loss for years.  Imagine what that investment could have been had he taken say, a $5000 hit and reinvested somewhere else.  Being patient with losers (aka LOOSERS) is how the average investor behaves.  Don't be average.

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