Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mar 12.

premarket weak.

/gc  has a 100 tick explosion to nearly 1600 at 7 am
/si even stronger.

Something shifted here.   GDX best etf premarket.

/zb strong .33%

/gc -- break out

AG - break above 10,20 ma...

paper short /ym - too early -- OFF PATTERN.   Follow the rules.

/tf red--  perfect resistance at ystdy  high --
ad -200
ud fading
Vix green
zb green

vix 3%

ad  -380
/zb  nhod

ud - negative

AD -700
/tf - touch o/n low

vix 5.4%

all signs -- bears winning.

AD -720
/tf test lows

/tf hit high of day with  AD  near zero -- great opp. to responsively enter the TRIPLE TOP.

Internals Matter.  
Picking bottoms today may result in stinky finger.

-800 ad

Trend DOWN Day???


long /tf - at ystdy lows -15t stop  - for volatility --  looking for 20t bounce.

short /ym  on 5 min TL break.
Trend Down day signals -- ON system.

Also a triple touch.

short /tf -- break of formation wedge.   8t stop.
short  /tf - again
AD -700
UD near lod
/zb  breaking higher

UD nlod

short /tf - last time  TL break.

Ad -750
UD -76
VIX 8.2%
/zb up strong

Trend is Down -- and bears in charge.

AD -860
UD -97

took about 13 ticks /tf -- regular TL break --

very bearish internals to just hope we bounce because we been up 6 days in a row. 

everyone a dip buyer...

so all buyers here are WEAK.

Don't follow the crowd -- smells like failure today for the markets.

internals worse 2:42


can't force a bad trade.

internals turn coming into 3 - still weak. 

/tf  /ym -- /es -- closing at VPOCish area.  -- range test - and middle close.  bloop.

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