Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tues: Mar 5

/es touches new high over 1530  o/n session

/tf hi

/es   hovering near 1530

/tf 921
/ym 14170

CREE up huge on new product.

Everyone's a winner.  Follow the charts to heaven.

forget the news and hype.  The plan is the plan every day.  Doesn't change because "everyone is bullish".

guessing we start AD near 700 - 1000. 

AD +1400!

AD 1700

AD 1674 - stable 
UD 93


every stock on list is green today....   LOOOOOOOVE

Bulls don't just rule - domination.  Beyond domination.

This is a day to be a pig.

long consolidation O/N -- correct play was simple buy breakout /ym (or /es or /tf)and set 10t stop -- huge R:R with strong premarket action.  

11 am:  pullback beginning -- but in a Trend Day.

UD - nhod.
/es - first p/b - and touches nhod.

1:53 - low TICK  nlod.

IGT -- pushing to new highs -- caught it with call buying action.

/zb breaks DT.

UD  nhod
but  AD  new lows...  tired up here.

/tf 925  building value.

AD 1430 - nlod.

-600 TICK.

AD  nlod
TICK -600+

/ym topped out 10:50 am...

/tf - saw it clearly - didn't act on it.

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