Friday, November 13, 2009


Trading horribly today -- wanted the market to go down.  Felt it should go down... of course it went up.

 It just wasn't ready.  My chart pattern is showing there's a big wave down coming... but today's action didn't violate my main thesis... today was a back and fill day.  It was normal.  Now if Monday is another ripper, it might violate my thesis which is essentially this:

 But today's range was not unusual.  In fact, it made perfect sense with the dollar being trashed and all.  Waves are measured in days and I want things to happen too quickly.  The market does not turn quickly.  Stocks might, but rarely indexes.  I own QID and some SRS.  I bought a lot of QID and SRS for the managed account.  Be a swing trader.  My trades take time.  They require less maintenance but more patience.

 Let's see if the bulls can keep pulling tricks out of their asses on low volume.  If so, I get stopped out.  Next trade.

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