Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: New Beginning

Well, the first two days of the new year have been quite successful.

I'll start by mentioning my first big blunder, chasing CBTE on a 'tip' and getting caught for a sizable loss.  The only mitigating thing is that I committed less than 3% of my trading capital and the paper loss is less than 1/2 of 1% of my capital.  I suppose this is not the most egregious mistake, especially since the overall gains are around 4% YTD.

 China small caps are doing well.  My goals again are to trade less, hold for price targets, be more of a value investor, and get out of losing positions fast.  This means taking the loss on CBTE so I can focus on the winners.

  The people I follow now are the smartest of the web.  I notice I am really not using charts as much except mainly to add to positions ON DIPS.  I used to sell out on these big dips.  That's why CBTE was such a mistake.  I don't know this name and got excited to get into something.

 The fact is - this makes sense.  Today everything was going well for the 2nd day in a row and I took some time off and felt like... I wasn't 'doing' anything and felt well... bored.  Feeling bored is a recipe for disaster.  It leads to impulse trades and I definitely fell into the trap.

 Professional traders must have a solution to deal with boredom or their bottom lines will suffer.

 Twice a week I am away from my desk and this is good.  Now that my strategy and positions are secure, it'll be easier to step away and come back refreshed.

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