Monday, January 11, 2010

Running Hot

Another strong day for micro China names.

I was going to focus on RNWK -- which I immediately sold for a small loss as it tanked at the open.  But as it turns out... I was probably premature.  If I had waited until end of day I would have seen it closed forming a massive dragonfly candle... so perhaps I was once again correct in my buy but too hasty to exit a losing position without waiting for the end of the day.  In fact, today was the best dragonfly candle I've ever seen in a long time in any stock.

Nonetheless, the rest of the portfolio was strong and my only real mistake has been taking partial profits instead of leaving it all alone.  However, it is never a mistake to take partial profits either.

My niche of following strong value microcaps far outperformed the markets today and last week.  I will continue to follow these names.

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