Thursday, February 23, 2012


shorted /6e -- on trendline break  -- pattern  caught 15 ticks

but gave most of it back trying to short ---  with the 33 over the 99 day MA -- trend up day  and I was ignoring the obvious trend.

 Determine the trend and trade WITH it.   It was up  -- the opening drop set up a trend day.

 There was opportunity to get into /tf  -- but the meat of the move was over before noon.  Trading afterwards yielding little.

 Signals like :  slv, gld, xhb strong should be obvious enough.  Then trade WITH the 33/99 day MA as your guide.  Use patterns to establish entries and candlesticks for exits.

Definitely need to consider other market signals to determine if a strong trend can develop -- then get with the flow.  That's what i learned today.  And secondly: if you have a bias -- NOTE it -- so it doesn't cause you to fight a trend.  A trend is a trend whether you accept it or not.

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