Thursday, February 9, 2012


started with /gc -- down  big overnight -- noticed it get over 33 MA with vol. surge -- started to base so I bot -- waited 10 min -- continued to base... popped 15 ticks and retraced.  I felt mad for not taking quick money but it ran again and i took 20 ticks...   ended up running 70 ticks.  Would have been all over.

 Bot /gc  again -- after finding a support area using 5-min -- 5 day chart and this was the bottom of the day.

 But ended up giving most back with choppy trades.  (/6e)

 At one point /gc set up a symmetrical triangle for hours -- it finally broke on vol. surge and was a fast move.  Most big moves are explosive and over within an hour -- preceded by an initial vol. surge.  Most of the day is untradeable and therefore  overtrading MUST lead to underperformance.

 Not waiting for VOLUME is pointless.

 Solar stocks like TSL surged 20% plus -- again we see vol and options activity.  Entering and expecting immediate results (or quick small loss) is the best way to trade.  No need to be IN unless we are using daily charts for entries exits.  But again -- we need to see volume to support a daily chart.

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