Tuesday, February 21, 2012

triple tops/bottoms: random?

most of the day is random but I am noticing that virtually ALL of my charts feature a triple top - sometimes two, before a major move.  Either triple top leads to decline... or a triple top breaks - leading to major rip ( oil today)  or triple bottom is broken leading to sharp dip.  (/tf).

 It appears the market is usually noise but tends to tighten into signals before a major move.

 Now -- it is important to use these signals in context.  Is the market overbought?  If so, triple tops are more likely to work. 

 How far apart is the triple spaced?  It appears the bigger formation = bigger move.  

What's the timeframe?  Is it part of a bigger triple?  Is there a larger support line?  Must look at market from several perspectives. 

 The entry will always call for a tight stop as the move should be immediate.  The drawback is waiting for the setup to emerge. 

 I will look for more examples.

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