Wednesday, February 8, 2012

proper entries;

saw  /cl -- double bottom  -- dragonfly candles at previous support.  Entry was .10 above -- took 10 ticks -- but ran for over 70.

/tf -- almost entered near low of day -- was good for 80 ticks. 

/ng -- entered midway through large push.  Got 14 ticks - was good for 40.

/6e -- entered multiple times -- got 20 ticks -- was good for 40.

solution:  raise stops on trades that work correctly -- do not settle for small profits on correct entries.

VOLUME surges continue to indicate big moves.

Wait for the best trade of the day.  

note:  /cl topped out at 100  and then again at 99  -- major tops at key price points if no previous resistance levels.

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