Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10 Friday.

opex fri. 

/gc  tanking premarket
/cl also breaking down.

DB -1.5%
dollar strong.

MGA - autoparts -- strong ER.  

IYT - had a bearish engulfing yesterday daily.

red day today - should 'confirm' a slight p/b  -- but market likely fight to stay green.

MT  7%  --  continue to see SLX  sector on uptrend.  
X 1.5%

/cl -- huge drop almost completely reversed.

nearly 300 tick swing.  

AD 415 -- going up to the close....

coal names;  WLT, CLF strong.

bios strong

tsla, mygn, byd, soda podd, fslr, gme, qihu...

The TL formed midday.

Best entry here:

/tf patience until the support line entry forms

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