Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30

10 pt move in an hour  /es  - premarket....

Have to be prepared all the time.

6:20 am early bird special.

/tf  good for 8 pts.

FSLR, TSLA... again strong.

/zb red.
/gc is showing signs of life after the double bottom on daily ch.

Brazil hiked rates....  first time I've heard a cb doing that.    EWZ  -6% ytd.  Inflation growing... hmm, you don't say?  Everyone else seems to have no problem.

note: /tf touched yesterday's high to the TICK and reverses... off 13t now.

lots of data today...   always seems like frontrunning positive news.

was not here this mornig.

1:53:  AD +760 appear to be creeping up -- powerful internals, great leadership.  Not much to feel bearish about at all.  /gc up too.

Note the entry today was almost exactly at a key time: 11:30 - euro close.

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