Monday, May 6, 2013


Fib LineRetracementshas been placed.  50% retrace is 1595 on /es

939.5  is 50% on /tf

/cl rising on   syria/israel.

Market digesting big move.

Triple top TL formed on /es -- normally this is a short entry but Market Signals too strong to bother. 

1609 short?   Doubt it works but the TL has formed.

1610 -- just a bullish wedge - new highs?   No reason to take a short.

push in the morning and a little squiggle last hour.

Had two 12 tick trades and a few small losses for 19 ticks total. 

I give it a  C-

Things are very clear on 5 min candle chart today.

will post chart later.

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