Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28:

off Mon. holiday.

/tf  994 -- bam -- 100 ticks off the break above the  25m OR on Mon.  -- on the shortened day.

Ain't no weakness up in here.

VRX 8% on news.

TSLA 100 premarket!  -- IBD classic. They'll write stories about this one.

DB 3.2%

tf  +1% premarket - -that's actually kind of bonkers... now what?

HTZ - barron's article... 3.7%
FSLR 2.3
FNMA  +13%   bonkers
TSLA 103....

/tf  triple touch -- and drops back into 25m OR despite +1000 AD -- tricky day.  Respecting TL formation keeps you on the strong side both ways -- now unclear in the zone.

/tf  - cuts below 25m OR   AD +600  
IBD names super strong...

rainbow  - gap fill?

and I was too nervous to short the lows.... 50 tick drop from the OR low b/d....

signals are not as important as WHICH WAY THEY ARE TRENDING - THAT'S INFORMATION THAT'S helpful.

14:45:   end of dt for the day????

When premarket is strong -- can confidently enter on the TL.

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