Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 13:

/tf gap up .25%  to 1054...

5/34 xover - still in place.

perfect   head/shoulders top on /tf --  topped out  at 1057   -- same as 7/22 to the tick -- so this pattern may be noticeable.

strong:  nq, sina, xone, litb, ssys, tsla, xin, peri.

long tf  on  5/34 xover 1 min candles  and triple touch TL now in place. 

Will it work being 17 min. off LoD?

And stopped at new low...   So ...

viewing thru 5 min candles... chopping at the lows -- accepting value down here.

ADr -911 is telling.
ADn -1200

strong:  IMOS, XIN

/tf --   triple bottom on 5 min chart - then 50 tick bounce.    now midday chop... pointless.

and /tf --  70t bounce back to nearly yesterday's close -- triple bottom then double bottoms --

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