Friday, August 16, 2013

Aug 16 Fri.

Triple bottom   8:15

strong premarket:

green: FB, tsla, gmcr, ddd, aig, z cree, afcp, pcln, amzn qihu litb lnkd blox xin arii appl avg

IBD - market in correction. ..  thanksfor the tip.  -225 dow day wasn't obvious.

ADr   -- can't get positive...   breaks over 25 min OR and fails...  

bear market  = need proof to take longs.

market in correction:

Fri opex -- taking  responsive fades --   double top short 1028.5    8t stop.

ADr  219 --  pushing.

3rd touch establishes a line - if Market Signals are improving in same direction -- that's the entry.

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