Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aug 8

Gap up to start the day -- with strong IBD names   huge 1412 ADr at the open.

But the game is the game.

And the system is the system.

14 minutes into the day -- the 10 min OR breaks to the downside.  The AD line is sliding and the previous close calls out...

There's a second bump but the 10 min OR acts as first entry and then you can follow the 34 ma down... 

the gap does fill and now it's easy to trail a stop.

Internals are extremely strong so once the stop is hit, it's time to enter long on the first chance...

Given the strong internals, there's no need to wait one hour, however we need to establish a TL to confirm at 11:20 -- about 40 mins. off low of day -- so still nearly an hour.

Then market climbs back -- we're looking for 20 - 30t max because we're countertrend trading below the 10 min OR -- and we easily get that and a more lax stop might capture up to 40ticks.

/tf: gap fill open - successful. Then TL entry back to 10 min OR

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