Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 6 - Tues.

futures flattish.

KORS - up big on ER.

/nq -- won't drop to bottom of ch.  -- working across -- correction via time....

futs. slightly red. 

penny stocks jumping...    it's no rules again.

long tf 1057.7 -- triple touch of major TL.     premarket still.  

and market plummets...

10 min OR -- break to downside entry -- killed it.

Have to be automatic -- or else, you end up unable to participate.

Can't get long now, until 1 hour base forms....

ADr  -1300

may trend down all day.

long /tf    55 min from low of day  1050.6

problem:  Not consistent enough -- changing my strategies too often.

exit  1052.4 --  38% fib retrace -- high to low today

ADr improving to -1179  at 12pm

rumors of tapering....

/tf   climbing out of the hole slightly

ADr  -1119  --   just covering...    sellers still too strong.

short  /nq  3116  -- triple touch -- TL established down ---   ADn  -1000+  go with trend.

/tf 1050 -- value...

taper talk is only thing market cares about....

ADr -1066 

strong:  fltx, klic, fldm, regi, imos, edap, away, ocn

Had to take the 10 min OR - considering the setup, and the first print of ADr  ADn --

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