Wednesday, October 17, 2012


/tf  - powers up strong

all Market Signals rage at open.

/tf climbs to 840 -- then a tall  double top  -- 2   1-minute candles... and a TL break -- leads to swift 20 tick pullback to 99 MA.

5/34 xover on 1 min charts  had some nice entries for /tf -- just have to follow this nice system.  Using Market Signals and  DAILY CHART to figure out where it might top out --  then where it needs to test support. 

guessing:  83.40  touches on p/b

bot NAV on call buying -- so far -- broke above 15 min chart.  Holding.   Like this one. 

bot and sold ROVI near support -- but sold too soon.  

dumped CIEN (Red on a strong day) -- ended up going much lower --   smart.  I listened.

NAV - tempted to sell it early.  That's a bad habit.  Focus on something else.

your emotions will always cause you to make the worst decisions.  Your system will let you perform best.   Overriding emotions is the ENTIRE game.

Got off my game -- tried to buy weakness, CIEN -- lost 2x.  Only strength pays.  Bad habit. 

ITMN  -- +14% --was calling all day.   That was strength.  Buy price action, not opinions.

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