Friday, July 12, 2013

Be Automatic

someone posted a quote on twitter that I should have copied.

Essentially:  If you have to make decisions during the trading day -- you're never going to make it.

Look: there's too much happening.  We can't pay attention to everything.  Humans have limited capacity -- so we end up being blind to lots of information.  This is why pilots can sometimes fly into a mountain -- they're focused on the controls, and whatever and just become blind to some really obvious signals.

The trading plan and the patterns that we use to trigger entries/exits need to be as automated as possible.  If we have to think whether this particular signals is good or not... we're going to end up missing it altogether or getting frustrated and taking off-plan trades.

Be automatic and accept that small losses are PART of the plan, not a failure.

We want to make trading as automatic as possible by developing good habits.  Nobody thinks about their habits when they're doing them, good or bad.

If you're overthinking, it may mean the plan is not as clear as it needs to be -- so work it out.

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