Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23 tues.

/tf  .11%  o/n

/cl continues to drop 105.8

NFLX -4%   er

FIRE -  29% premium b/o -- helping FTNT

/tf  near 1058 would be top of 1 hour channel.

starting the day in the middle....

advrld - fading down   486+

wedge forming  /tf

/tf - dives --  pushing to the 15 min  channel.   1051...

10:12 - was a signal break to get long on next  p/b -- (TL break + small double bottom)

/tf :  So with HOURLY channel now broken...   

DOWNTREND HAS STARTED?  May be back test -- but now shorting tops ?   Major break today.

actually should have been an easy day.

Start with looking for a clear TL on 5 min. candles -- 3rd touch at 9:40 -- and you got the swing selloff until a triple bottom indicates covering -- and midday chop.

Day should be over for fut. traders.

and /tf -- triple bottom and slow climb back to UNCH.  --  38 tick swing.

pays to be patient.  

ad flat -- pointless here... opportunity came and went.

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