Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26


Often /cl is the best market to play.

And once again -- triple touch -- 3rd touch was 50 min. from the low.   and a 50 tick move -- day is over in 10 min.   at 9:05.  That's what's possible.

long /tf -- 50 min from low of day -- 3rd touch of established TL.

advrld -1300       9t stop.

I had established rules though.   -800+    NO LONGS at all.  So this is breaking my own rules.

5 is under 34 ma too.  So 2 broken rules.   Unlikely to be CP doing this. 

5/34 xover.  9:55

advrld -1250 -- rule is:  DON"T  GO LONG --

and /tf now breaks o/n LOWS --  heavy - sellers in control. Your job is to trend trade.

bot ACT, OCN --     strong today.  

5 under 34
advrld  -1300

trend is down.  end of story.

-1400  advrld --   massive exodus today. 

/nq-- outperform  .25%

/tf  still -.6%  --- huge difference.

amzn, yy, sbux, trip, tsla, akam --

bot ACT< OCN

/tf -- bounce to top of 10 min OR --  

advrld  -974 but way off opening lows -- this is not critical.  what's important is DIRECTION.

switching to 10tick -- candles rather than 5 min.

Basic idea:   Once you have trend in place  5 over 34 -- uptrend -- enter on a 3rd touch TL -- it could be below the 34 ma - doesn't matter.

the MAs are not enter/exit -- just trend signals to keep you focused on direction.  The entry is the developing TL which is dynamic.

The market signals + leadership list also keep you informed on trend power.

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