Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

Friday.  opex.

futures flat o/n.

/cl - went vertical -- may do 50% retrace of past 2 days.

/tf had a signal -- b/o / small backtest for about 15 ticks.

premarket usually not a good time to enter.

/gc falling back down.

JPM, WFC reports -- strong.

PPI data 8:30

PPI data - problematic.  market initially dips

UPS -- warning.  -3%

9:41 -- market signals drop  --  and TL break -- short entry /tf   8t stop.

Have to be automatic.

bad entry -- pattern was too small --   5 min chart showed it was actually b/o + backtest.

strong IBD names = buyers control.


10:45  high of day -- need time

TL break + small backtest -- and there's 20 ticks to  top of 25 OR --  

and TL break up but no signal confirmation - so it's a no signal.

missed this trade because you were DECIDING instead of acting automatically to the plan.

/tf - double bottom but ad trending down -- no longs.

/nq -- triple top TL -- weaker than /tf -- and there it drops to a clear  TL below - 4pts - no heat.

must be willing to switch markets... short the weaker one.

and midrange --   ad -113

3 good entries today -- missed them all but took a bad one for -7.

/nq had TL break +Backtest but ADVN-DECN trending down -- no signal.

1:59  -- TL break +small backtest  long 1032.7   8t stop -- have to be automatic.

AD -35 but trending up.
VOLrd  trending up

stopped out -- frustrating.  shit.   And I was correct... just had the stop too tight....  .... damn.

IYT, JNK, JJG, eem, xhb red -- /nq jumps to highs -- pushing so hard....

I feel this is a fake -- should get short.   Can't do it because no signal, pattern to doso.

triple top short...   rangebound market  -- this is the proper thing to do.

adrld  at zero.

iyt, xhb red.   eem iyr, jnk red.   It's not a trend day for sure.


0 for 3....     pathetic.

short  /nq -- symmetrical double top to the tick .   Rangebound market means responsive trading should pay.

incredibly awful day.

and no reason for it. 

past 3 days - -jump in morning.... consolidate til afternoon base forms, ramp to close.

complete hoser close -- ramp and then all taken back AH.

OPEX -- almost always rangebound so   triple touch entries on Fri. are best.

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