Thursday, July 25, 2013

thurs July 25

Need to add in moving avgs. to create more structure for futures trading.

Trying to countertrend trade is not consistent or profitable.

/es  -.65 premarket -- correction continues.

/cl down  .71  - forming double bottom on hourly.

/tf - triple bottom  in the early am -- for 20t bounce.    Nice set up.

7:10 - /tf  5/34 xover
 /nq -- took out yesterday lows...   bounced 16 points - all before 7:20am.

/nq -- COAST TO COAST - took out yesterday's lows by a point -- regains entire move -- 23 point swing back to o/n high.

never looked back from 5/34 xover.

long  /tf -- on double bottom   5/34 -- xover to upside.

/tf  looks toppy but hasnt been 50 min. 
now advrld popping -- challening hod.  could take out early shorts.

triple bottom in p/m  - then triple top an hour after high -- and you could be done and in the sun.

still managed to grab 33 ticks with very poor trading -- using the 5/34 as guide.

5 over 34 ma all day....    trend up

advrld 910  at 3:48 -- no shorting.

trend up as advrld  pushes over 1000 -- simple rules -- no shorting over 800 no matter what.

Using 5/34 mas helps clearly see the intraday trend.

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