Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31 chart

was clear bulls at strength at the open -- TL developed and entry on the line yields a nice move of over 50 ticks -- just through first line of resistance -- the high from 2 days ago -- wicks through and dies.

/tf retraces slowly - -all the way to 3 am o/n lows -- as  adv-decrld drops - but never goes below zero - so bulls probably still in charge...

ramp through the Fed -- and suddenly rage on high tick....   dies just as suddenly at 3 pm and drops -- yep, all the way back to 3 am o/n low AGAIN -- providing another 24 ticks.

qcor, mx, aegr, yy, soda, regi, peri, grmn major winners.

/tf last day of month, FOMC games

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