Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apr 10.

grinding up over night.

/ym touches HIGHS.

/es touches highs.

/zb now bounce up a little.

based on strong financials premarket -- instant open at AD 1000
it was right to take breakout of /es at 1569 -- and look for trend day.  

Early signals pointed to massive strength.  Then trailing stop would keep you in for 10.

Or else /tf -- and done by noon time.  Afternoon chop as expected.


Too early for major move down -- hasn't been hours of distribution (only more accumulation).

AIG, EBAY   strong
DB  2%
AAPL strong

fomc NOTES  -- 2 PM ...  CHATTER.

IBM strong - may keep /ym elevated.

/ym pushing -- can't fight IBM. 

slight p/b

financials SOLID, aig, db, gs, bac --

zb - nlod

grind it UP UP UP.

DB regains 200 day --  euro ETFS  strong -- looking at nearly 1% move.

AD 1300


Running hot.

AD 1300+
euro strong

gotta be stupid or dumb to be short a bubble.

AD 1529  !!!!!!!!!!     BUBBBLE !!

/zb  still sinking

can't short early -- pointless.

AD 1620 -- just a bubble day -- some people try to fade it -- but they are not listening.

euro etfs up  2.4%
IWM up 1.7%

again -- your goal is to HOLD all winners acting well.  Taking early profits is what destroys CP.

1:15:   ad  off 1600 highs...
/zb slight bounce -- 

not worth shorting -- merely resting.  Too strong to drop.   Shorts in a big hole will support each tick drop.

AD 1645 --  shorts in trouble...    again.

943 tf

/zb near lows

/tf 1.84%

i'd say we could see 2%

1.87% grind.

/tf  2.04%  at 3:53

945 -- no surprise.

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