Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apri 16

/ym -- 50% retrace from highs to low -- Thurs high / Mon. low -- touched.

big gap up.

/gc rebound
bullish triangle breakout - was good for 50 ticks -- day should be over at 8:10am.

/zb -- sinking hard but might be turning....

Best move of day may be over.

JNJ, KO -- adding to /ym push.

8:30 data -- market likes it.

IBD names all green.

/gc - blowoff over 1400 -- and down 110ticks.

DB  3.7

sentiment on Twitter -- mostly bearish -- "downtrend intact"  -- willingness to get long has decreased greatly.   terrorism adding to sentiment?

Fast markets = stay with 1-min candles.  Can play breaks for 20t.

/ym - breaking another bull flag  /bo -- extended here.

AD 1549  strong

AD 1900 --  shorts on fire.

vix -18%

made over 80 ticks playing wedge breaks - using Context for clues - patient.   Great vision.  Best day in weeks.

TraderFibz room somehow worked magic.

AD 1800+

/tf climbs to high  +2.02%

Massive Trend Up Signals -- dip at morning was a major divergence -- provided huge moves.

80 ticks for /ym and /tf

3 losing trades in a row - -Afternoon not the same as morning....

UD - nhod
AD - turning up
/tf -- testing dTL

5 losing trades in a row --- afternoon absolutely terrible -- all downside chop.

10:45 - 11:50 -- was all you needed - best rip tf

/tf  decision wedge building.

finally got a runner.

trading in afternoon was stupid - -no edge

morning and after 3 pm - pays.

caught most of /tf - eod push - but should have HELD for the stophunt... stupid.  Afraid to hold winners.

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