Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Apr 24:

market climbed to fresh highs overnight.  /tf 930 touch.

DB up slightly.

Lots of earnings.  LL strong.  F strong.

/cl touched 90...     whew -- bull is back. 

/tf climbed 30 pts in 2 days.

Will trade on 1 min candles if we look rangebound.

8:30 durable order data.  
8 am:  /tf drips below yesterday high.

AAPL red.  Poor aapl.

data -- tips /tf down 925 --

mixed signals.

/zb red.
xlf flat
IBD names mixed.

CREE, AWAY -- weak.

Market breaks out -- 

AD 900 -- trend day

UD flowing higher --

nothing weird. ....

broke the TL and off it goes...

but I did poorly -- began making trades OFF plan -- was not following charts -- was following Market Signals and then attempted to short, short again, then revenge short -- giving up all profits for the day. 

AD climbs to 900 - trend up day.  Now -- how can I avoid this?  I must have another voice that overrides the impulsive trader that 'wants to be right'.  That guy is a terrible trader.

last time short 931.6 --  seeing divergence on /zb, TICK and AD -- triple div.?  Is this enough th overcome Trend Day stats?  (probably not)

AD 900+
UD - nhod

would expect top to be busted at the close or ah rip.

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