Thursday, April 11, 2013

apr 11

futures creeping up premarket

/zb  -- barely red.

8:30 -- big data coming out.

futures take out yesterday highs and back off.

/zb green
DB red.

This is not like yesterday....

Weakness coming into data.

DB - flips to green.

/tf  weaker than /ym -- another small sign of a weaker market that wants to p/b.

POP on data

xlf - strong -- starting to look stronger.

/zb  up .13    ---

strong day yesterday = chop today?   mixed bag

PC names very weak.
EWG  .64
IYT, xhb, RED.

/zb pushing

/tf red

DD, VZ, AA strong  -- watch bas. mats.

but /cl  down .26

IBD names  STRONG as hell.   ...
AD flat.

RANGE DAY - -  sell  tops, buy weakness.    No one in control.

AD 400

NNEED  to keep 1 min charts at open -- 5 min too blind.

AD 695 at 10:30 --  not really fadeable now.

AD 700 -- pushing....
AD 1000 +!

/ym 14800
/es 1590


can't stop the Fed.

finally  TL break... rest pause.

AD 1100+ at the top.

Easy money in the morning trade is over -- like it is every day.  Afternoon will be shit.

fade afternoon

/zb green all day  -- over by 11:30 for /tf.

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