Monday, April 29, 2013

Apr 29

dollar sinking so market rising...

SINA -- purchasse +16%  insider buyingon Fri.
AAPL strong.

zb - has flipped green though

/gc - strong run into hourly 3 touch.

Seeing p/b at 8:30 now.

IBD names mostly solid.
DB  1.5%
XLF green

Fed buying /zb  today -- so strong.

and /cl pops to first resistance - taking out stops as I expected.  thru Friday HoD.

STUPID - taking early entries -- almost always a mistake.

10 am - pending home sales -- ramp

/tf 940.9 

AD 1400+
TICK stays over -200  -- obvious

nailed the entry.
early exit was disaster.

switch to 5 min candles in slow chop -- pattern will form - but don't take noise, fake patterns.

12 - lunch time -- waited until eveyrone left then kicked it up --

es -- breaks thru Thurs.  highs.

END OF MONTH -- seen this before -- ramp ramp ramp.  

AD 1460.   all day long, no profit taking.

Today's best trade as usual, was in the morning.  It looked like this, and this pattern should be familiar by now.

Market Internals super strong. Get it all done in the AM

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