Monday, April 22, 2013

Apr 22 notes:

See if I can apply some new perspective.

grind up overnight.

/tf  .54

/zb red.
/gc -- making a huge jump to nearly 50% retrace fib touch from the big dip.

but CAT weak - stops the party.

HAL 4%  - strong er.

/cl  .71

DB green.
BAC up.

CAT -- REVERSAL!  now green, leading the Dow.

/tf - TL break at 911.50 -- a quick 15tick move on that break -- standard pattern -- looking for retest to short.

/zb flips green

/tf - break -- missed op.  -- now 25 ticks down -- have to be willing to take the break.  This was an entry.

/zb flat.

IBD names look ok.   Range Day? 

/tf -- triple top and then it was  140 ticks of glory -- but I did not enter a clear and obvious pattern.

/tf -- entered too early -- didn't wait for clear based at  897 -- for 45 ticks now...  

problem: patience.

/tf -- could be done with a huge day


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