Tuesday, April 30, 2013

what's not working/

impatience... every day.

The setups I need are clear as day and instead... I keep taking something else.

1. DO NOT TRADE PREMARKET unless there is significant volume.

2. Wait for the pattern to develop.

3. Take a break.

Once again /tf --   DROP morning --   bottom between 10 - 10:05 (10:03)

TL break, retest -- 30ticks . no heat.   It's that easy.  And you can't do it. 


1. TOUCH of multiday on 15m or HOURLY chart - major trend, responsive entry

2. intraday: TL break and backtest entry

3. intraday WEDGE - enter responsively or on b/o. (follow intraday trend)

This is all I need to trade.

Well -- horrible day.  That's why I trade paper for now. 

Stops were too tight.

Missed the morning move... and afternoon was, as usual, a deathtrap of meagre opportunities.

Meagre.  Cuz I like to be a little British sometimes.

AD  +900  have to be long /tf  end of day now.  

finally got +19 ticks end of day --- could have been 30... on the more than obvious squeeze.

morning/end of day --- middle is WASTE OF TIME>

3 good trades to take today.

end of day - ramp the close day /tf

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