Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Thought I'd restart this. It's been a very long learning curve for me. I'm not cut out for daytrading but I found I could make some profits if I took my time, did a lot of research, then did a lot of waiting.

I manage an account for my mother. It is now over $1 million an I'm very proud of this accomplishment.

But let's get down to business. What do I own now? Mostly small cap China names. I own:
CSGH.ob LPIH.ob LLFH.ob CPQQ.ob NEP APWR TWGP AXPW.ob and a few others.

My take on the charts right now? Markets are simply far too extended and need to 'chill' to wring out the excess speculation. However, the above companies are very cheap. It's important to think like a business owner (Buffet-style) and not get caught up in what the "markets" are doing. The market is now, more than ever, very short-term focused. This leads to strong trends that can feed on itself and lead to big runs, both up or down.

Good traders who use technical analysis can win, but I think they have to work way too hard and take on far too much risk to succeed. By focusing on value, I can accept drawdowns and usually win in the long run. But allow me to reveal my new secret strategy that I employ. (next post)

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