Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ENDP on my own

I really have not found anyone that like ENDP on the web.

It's a big position in my managed account.  It looks cheap.  I do know a little bit about them.  I know Percodan and Percoset are big sellers but might lose patent in a few years.  I know Lectec is suing them and JNJ for patent infringement on some kind of patches.

This is one of those value names that stays very low I suppose because the growth is limited.  HITK seems to be the 'expensive' looking name that is outperforming.  I liked SEPR at 17 too -- even though I couldn't find anyone anywhere that liked it too.  Eventually SEPR got the buyout at 23.  I'll trust myself on ENDP.  It's one of the only ideas that came purely from my own research/screening procedure.  My target is around $30/share.

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