Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TTES to go

entered TTES at 19.65 with a rather tight stop.  Oversold value play.  I get fair value around $30 assuming very low growth.  Of course, my version of DD is very cursory and not rooted in what you might call... education.

Still, this might be one that PMs want to show in their bag for the quarter.  It's already traded 96k shares today which is a lot for this microcap and it's a little green, which is more than I can say for the markets.

 Obviously, it appears I should not have dumped HOGS, but again, I must warn you that my short term trading is incredibly bad.

 On my list of short term plays is HITK which I never bought... now up a buck from the open (naturally I never bought this one), ROIAK, and CMLS (which I bought and am up a small amount).

 The CSGH.ob though -- lordy -- is a monster.

 Markets down but RTH, C, BAC, AIG green -- shorts need a lot more selling if this is going to stick during portfolio dressing season.

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