Monday, September 28, 2009

Horrible Moves

Made some horrible moves.

the TWGP I sold in the morning went straight up.

the QID I bought went straight down.  So did the FAZ.  And the SDS.

So I bought some INSM and ROIAK.  But they haven't done anything.

So you'd think I'm an idiot.  But not really.

CSGH, ENDP, LPIH, TIII and OCNW are all up a lot and the IRA is nicely green anyway.  But I gave up a nice chunk of change because I panicked.

I still think this rally is crazy.  I pay too much attention to charts and news that I shouldn't.  Still, it's not like I went "all in" on FAZ or QID.  (I lost about $250 total on both).  I still have some SDS with a wider stop (and bigger loss).

As for ROIAK and INSM -- I bought a little bit of both.  Neither I know too much about.  I'm buying them because some other people I trust like them.  Some other people I trust liked RINO but I of course, did not buy that one.  (Actually I did, I just sold it a while ago for small profits.)

So basically, I'm having a great day as an investor and a horrific day as a trader.  As I said, I'm a terrible short term trader.  Probably the worst.  If I could just stop myself from trading, I might actually make a lot of money one day.

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