Thursday, November 15, 2012


More pain.

Nearly 120 tick range - top to bottom  /tf -- then a bounce -- now 766.6  -- devilish value building.

XLF, OIH, FXE  green and  TLT red.  So Market Signals are Mixed.  Bad idea to enter in a chop zone. 

Entry long on break above 99 MA with small base.   now  5/34 xover confirmation.

rewriting rules -- down to just 3.

99 MA below but not fanned out.

/tf 770 appears to be 5 min VPOC area.

/tf close 767. 

AMRN -- strong  - b/o 5/34 xover  good for .10f

99 MA -- following the TREND DAY -- but then... switching to a long after  40 mins past low -- take a 5/34 xover right after a double bottom -- confirm after breaking above 99 MA...  push to 5 min VPOC area -- then total rainbow to the 5/34 b/o area -- and again... more covering into the close.

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