Thursday, November 29, 2012


strong market signals means:  only a MAJOR sell signal set up for a short.

Should be looking for small bounce patterns.  /tf may take out stops at highs at close

Tech strong. 

Too many shorts getting hunted. 

/tf minor high -  823 -- just went through and reversal candle --  nice stophunt.

close near highs...

Opportunities in morning -- the set ups are only there once a day usually so take 'em and get the most of it.  Most of afternoon chop-waste.   No reason to be involved.

See your set up -- take it.   Have fib levels set.  

Prepare for triple tops at resistance and take the smooth ride.

If you're sitting there all day... it's just a waste of time.  The key levels are always there waiting to get hit.

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