Monday, December 17, 2012

Mon Dec 17:

AAPL 504 -- was below 500.   Bottom?

futures up slightly.

nat gas -- big bounce after multiday drop.

preholiday -- expect low volume.  Tighter range?

Big moves and smallball.  This week is smallball -- so need to be more focused.  Fewer opportunities for smaller rewards.

+950  advn-decn -- don't go shorting early today....

/tf  just short of O/N high touch -- and fast  25 tick drop -- that was tough -- had to be willing to be responsive at resist.

shorted /cl - for 17 ticks.      Market is strong. 

/tf  vpoc area 825 -- can't do much here but Market is solid.


When the market is sloppy and whippy, you have to change up -- can't just 'follow your system' if it doesn't allow for high volatility and whipsaw.  Just make an audible and decide to not trade.

/tf --   short squeeze past  o/n highs to 828 -- rip the stops -- low vol. volatility -- not a surprise.

advn-decn  +1000   raging strength.    Recognize.

/tf 829   kicking it up.

830.4 ---  +1100  advn-decn.  Can't stop rage day.

830.4 - this was a  61.8% retrace from high-to-low from 5 day chart.  Almost to the tick. 

rage into close //tf 831.7   /es  1426 -- also touched the 61.8% fib right there at the close (high tick)

/tf  832.7

aapl  sub 500 to 520 close. 

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